Interplast became subsidiary of Safic-Alcan in 2011 with the intent to expand the company´s business and product portfolio in order to serve our kind customers more effective and on a broader scale. We started immediately afterwards to add a rubber division to be able to transfer the strength from Safic-Alcan as European leader in that field also into Turkey. There are existing synergy effects between the Rubber and the Engineering Thermoplastics and EPDM & PU Flooring Systems businesses within Interplast.

The next expansion step was the establishment of our Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Nutraceuticals, I&I, Household and Car Care, Perfume & Fragrance Ingredients and Veterinary & Agriculture departments under the overall hood of the Life Science division in October 2012 followed by the foundation of the Coatings and Adhesives, Pigments and Fillers departments in November 2012.

Safic-Alcan was established already in 1847. The headquarters are in Puteaux, France. Safic-Alcan has offices in more than 50 different countries including China, India and the USA. With a total annual turnover of around 508 m€, Safic-Alcan Group is one of the leading distributors for specialty chemicals in Europe. The group is continuously growing  through organic growth as well as acquisitions in all markets Safic-Alcan is active, like rubber, thermoplastics, coatings, adhesives, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, detergents and other industrial chemicals.

Interplast, the Safic-Alcan company in Turkey, was established in 2004. Originally specialized on technical sales and distribution of engineering thermoplastic, EPDM and PU products, Interplast is in an ongoing process to operate its product portfolio on a broader scale. Currently Interplast employees around 40 people and is planning to add more human resources to ensure a continuously effective sales and service network. Interplast has more than 50 different suppliers from 20 different countries.

While we are creating partnerships with our dear suppliers, we are creating synergy effects across our divisions as well as across the Safic-Alcan Group. The high quality products and service levels from our selected suppliers combined with competitive pricing are allowing us to serve our customers within the specialty chemicals markets in the best way. The good-team-effort and synergy with Safic-Alcan Business Development and Coordination Center is permanently helping us in that respect.

As our objective is to be a long-term reliable and service orientated good supplier for our customers, we are well aware of the importance of an excellent logistics and warehousing work which we are able to provide to our customers.

We consider ourselves as the commercial partner of our suppliers as well as customers. Our aim is to make them and us more successful .In order to do so, we have the best people in the markets working for us, able to provide best services, to anticipate market trends and potential market changes and to support sustainable developments to support  overall profitable growth.

Interplast, the Safic-Alcan entity in Turkey, is always considered as preferred solution provider and business partner by its customers and suppliers. We are focused on innovative applications and developments as result of our deep commitment to our business partners. Therefore, we are well aware of the importance to permanently improve technical knowledge and effective supplies combined with smooth logistic services. Safic-Alcan and its employees are living ethical values, feel responsible for the society and the environment combined with entrepreneurial spirit and transparency.

Our business activities are not only limited to the Turkish market, we also serve our customers located in Balkan, Caucasus, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa regions which are in the natural gravity of our export zone and on the ancient ‘’Silk Road’’.


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